Cipriano Pereira

"We created MF Protein Puddings 20 years ago for our personal use as they were essential to our diets and giving us the protein, carbs, fiber, etc. our bodies needed daily. They curb our craving for the sugary stuff and the satisfactory results speak for themselves. We absolutely LOVE our MF Products! There is no doubt about that after 20 years of eating them every single day! We never intended to produce and sell them to the public. But here we are now. When you become an MF'er, you'll see why we feel the way we do about our creation of the MF Protein Puddings."


Sharin Pereira

"Staying fit doesn't mean starving to lose weight or eating tasteless foods. You deserve to have delicious food that doesn't hamper your fitness and keep you satisfied, yet have the benefits in them to keep you energetic and healthy. MF Protein Pudding's fill this need. We guarantee it because we live and eat MF Puddings every day. No better testament to our products than that. The passion we have for our products show from miles away. When you meet us, you'll instantly see it. MF is our life, the products MF supplies are our lifeline. Welcome to the MF'n generation!"

our story

As kids, we both loved eating Pudding. This never changed. It was one of our favorite snacks. As teenagers we grew to love protein shakes just as much. In our twenties, thirties, forties and now fifties we now eat and live on what we created over 10 years ago. “The MF Protein Pudding!” Strategically “Pudding” the two together we created the greatest tasting pudding you’ll ever have in your mouth. This was not an easy task that happened overnight. Creating this Perfect Pudding took over a year to get it even barely perfected, stable and delicious. But now…. We do Pudding “Right” because of the hard work, the time achieving product perfection and our own personal money while performing human testing and analyzation for many years. Made fresh every day by us. Every single small batch. We both love our MF products immensely. That’s real! It’s been this way for over 10 years and still is. We use only the best Proteins, fiber and all other ingredients that are the best for ourselves and everyone we make them for. How’s that for peace of mind that you’ll be getting exactly what’s advertised? Our integrity has always meant everything to us and always will. Happy faces and satisfaction expressed after eating our puddings keeps us motivated every single day. We created our puddings with the intention of them being our own personal healthy meal and snack. Now we go above and beyond bringing you all that purchase them the best darn delicious and nutritious puddings in the world. Meal replacement or snack, you’re set. We saw a great need in the marketplace for a high quality unique function food meal replacement product with high protein. As the idea of our business started to evolve, not only did we want our company to reflect their values of sustainability and transparency, but we wanted to create great tasting products that also have benefits for your daily diet, much like you would for your own self and family. With love, passion and meticulous care. So here we are today. The MF Team!