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Hello and welcome to the Musclelicious Foods Online Store!

Important: We ship out MF Box online orders on

▪️ Monday, Tuesday and Wednesday ▪️

Depending on your shipping address, you’ll receive your MF Box in 1 to 2, sometimes 3 days after it ships via UPS or USPS.
Please place your MF Orders before 5 pm on either day and if we have your choices of MF Meals made and available, your MF order will ship that day.

Please note: We will attempt to notify you of substitutions if we are out of stock of a flavor selection you’ve ordered and if we do not hear from you, we will replace the out of stock meal with a flavor that you have already selected in your MF Order.

Please be advised that our MF Shipping Boxes are custom made to fit a maximum of 12 Musclelicious Foods meal items plus cooler materials, ice packs and dry ice. (Minimum online order is 8 meal items) Wouldn’t make sense cost wise for us to ship our products if any less than that. 

When your MF Box gets delivered. please do not let it sit too long outside in the heat at your doorstep. A great idea would be to have it delivered to your workplace if someone is available to take it for you or at a friend or relative that is always home. As soon as you receive your MF Box in your hands, immediately open it up, take a few pics and store your MF items in the fridge for a couple of hours if the are not cold. If they are cold, you may enjoy them right away.

Minimum online order is 8 items and maximum is 12 MF containers of Protein Puddings and Protein Peanut Butter Balls to proceed to checkout. The best value is to choose the 12 MF Pack as you get more for your shipping cost. Just make sure that you will eat at least one 16 oz Protein Pudding completely every day or two. They are made fresh in our MF Kitchen without containing very minimal preservatives and have estimated ‘Best By’ dates located on the bottom of each container. Try snacking on one throughout your day or replace one of meals with a full container. They are also great before bedtime meals. Your sweet tooth will be very satisfied while your nutrition during sleeping will be on point.
Choose which flavors you’d like as long as they total up to 8-12 items.
We ship our products in 1 MF Custom Cooler Box size. (18 x 13 x 12) @ about 20 pounds) The MF Boxes are insulated with Styrofoam walls and 1-2 Ice Packs and / or dry ice pellets that will evaporate by arrival.
Thank you so much for your understanding MF’ers.

For Musclelicious Foods Customer Service please call 1-610-438-6070.

Please check your email inbox for shipping and tracking information so you get your MF Box in your hands and in your refrigerator as soon as possible.

We want EVERYONE to have the ability to experience MF products!
We recently decreased our shipping costs for you, so we are trying our MF’n Best. The shipping costs are divided in three section costs. East Coast is $20.00. Texas, Oklahoma, Kansas, Nebraska, South Dakota and North Dakota are $30.00. West Coast shipments cost is $40. Please add the Perishable Insurance for peace of mind coverage of you delivered meals. It is an extra $2 and a great idea just in case. Carriers like FedEx to not reimburse for spoiled perishables. Not yet at least. UPS has insurance for the extra cost and that is one of the most important reasons we switched to UPS.
Shipping costs aside, we also absorb the cost of packaging, cooler boxes, ice packs, dry ice and insert costs as well. If you’ve received an online order from us in the past, you have seen how impeccably detailed, cooled and safely packed our MF products are. We need to get our MF products to you in at least 2-3 days.
Thank you for supporting us and understanding this.

FYI: Due to the fresh handmade product we offer, please consume the MF Protein Puddings with the later ‘Best By’ dates stamped on the bottom of the containers. MF puddings may be frozen, however when fully defrosted some flavors, mostly chocolate based, lose their creamy consistency. Many people love it like this just like ice cream, so it is your choice to freeze the MF Protein Puddings. Protein PB Balls have a much longer shelf life and are not stamped. Protein Balls can be frozen and so can the Protein Puddings, however the creamy consistency of the Puddings change and become more like an ice cream texture.
*An important note about expiration dates…
Although the Pudding shelf life information on ‘Best By Date’ is generally reliable, please remember that individual cases will vary and that our advice should only be taken as an guesstimate and will vary due to the different refrigeration temperatures that the products will go through once made. Please eat responsibly and keep an eye on your Best By Dates. Eat the puddings expiring sooner. 

Also, please check out our MF FAQ’s here —> MFAQS or click on ‘MFAQs’ in the header at the top of this page.

Thank you MFer’s and enjoy your Musclelicious Foods!

Only The MF’n Best to Feed Your Muscles™

Cipriano and Sharin Pereira

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