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Do you love things like banana bread and banana cream pie? Then you just have to give this Musclelicious Foods Banana Protein Pudding a go. Many have said our Banana Pudding is one of the best tasting banana flavored product ever. On point in every aspect. This is an awesome flavor. So smooth and creamy with that real banana taste, not that candy banana flavor. This is a total winner!!! It is spot on MF’n Banana Pudding with protein and lots of nutrients! Sometimes you will not believe how good this is.
So full of flavor and so rich. DELICIOUS, NUTRITIOUS and creamy. Really rich in the pudding flavor. Plenty of banana too, but not overbearing. All that and good for you too. A full meal replacement. This is a winner in many people’s books and it has been one of our staple flavors for over 5 years in MF existence.


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